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Tips and Tricks on How to be a Blackjack Dealer

The game of Blackjack is not always fun and games, but can also be a true profession. We are not talking about a professional Blackjack player we are talking about a professional Blackjack dealer. Do you want to work in the world renowned casinos as a top paid Blackjack dealer? Then you got to have some card tricks up your sleeve.

In order to be a successful Blackjack dealer, you have to know how to play Blackjack. You have to have at least a couple of months of hardcore Blackjack experience if you have never played before. Blackjack can be quite addicting, so be very careful that you remain at the top of your game and that you remain subjective when you want to be the best Blackjack dealer.

Another quality a Blackjack dealer must have it the talent of mixing cards. You need to train at least one month for that so that you have all the card mixing and shoveling tricks up on your sleeve. Make sure that you include the air mixing stunts into your métier as Blackjack dealer when you go on live. Sometimes casino have automated card mixers in order to prevent Blackjack players from counting cards, but because they can do it does not mean you should not. Learn the techniques of cheaters and learn how to card count, because every little trick and skill will help.

You will most probably be trained in spotting cheaters, and there are the ever loyal surveillance cameras that will also stand by your side in need of help. Upgrade your social skills, because in the case of a cheater or card counter, you need to be able to initiate conversations without problems and awkward moments.

The Blackjack dealer job pays good for playing and dealing Blackjack, but make sure that you know which side you stand one. Being a Blackjack dealer also means that you have to win as many games as possible and that you are not playing for yourself but for your boss, the casino owner. If you lose Blackjack games on purpose then this is already a good qualification for resignation. The more money you are able to win, the better.

The last tip you should know as an aspiring Blackjack dealer is that you should work on your looks of steel. Do not reveal too many emotions while playing against a customer and remember that some of your customers are very skilled player, so if you lose your cool, then you might lose the game and even your job. Those are the risks of a Blackjack dealer, but you are now armed with sufficient information to be able to succeed.


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