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Learning Blackjack Basic Strategy: Card Practice

Learning basic strategy can sometimes be hard on many blackjack players. It would appear that the repetitious hours of memorizing basic strategy tables will frustrate blackjack players given time. Sometimes a practical approach that applies first hand experience works out the best. That is where practicing basic strategy using an actual deck comes in.

When you play the actual game, a blackjack table will surely be a whole lot different from a basic strategy chart. You'll be dealing with cards over and over again and making up your mind about the correct move every single time. One great way to actually get it on first hand is to practice memorizing basic strategy as you deal cards and make the correct decisions right then and there.

Take note that your speed during these practice sessions using an actual deck of cards will make a huge difference. Remember that the faster you make the right decisions the more natural will the game come to you. Blackjack can easily become one very fast game so you should also pick up your pace during practice sessions when memorizing basic strategy charts.

The goal when using an actual deck of cards to learn basic strategy is to train your eyes and your mind. The play of the hands should at one point become natural and automatic to you. When you have mastered blackjack basic strategy all you need to do is to look at the up card and your own cards and then make the decision.

The equipment you'll need to practice basic strategy includes the following: a deck of cards, and a copy of the basic strategy chart. You shuffle your deck and then you deal one up card (supposedly for the dealer) and then two cards for yourself. Given the initial hand you get, make your decisions/moves. You might have to check with the basic strategy chart if you're unsure or unfamiliar with a certain combination of cards.

You then set the cards aside and draw another set of cards. You keep repeating this until you've used the whole deck playing blackjack. You may check out the basic strategy table as often as you wish especially when you're really uncertain if you've made the right move.

Next part of the practice is to deal the same way as mentioned above only that when you set aside the cards you leave the player's hand as it is and just replace the dealer's up card. Make your decisions with each new up card. This is a good practice especially for soft totals.

The next variation would be to keep the dealer's up card constant and just replace the player's hand. You may wish to add another deck so you can practice splitting a lot better.

By using this practical approach, players will get a feel of the game. They'll be more familiar with making decisions at a table without a basic strategy chart to look at.


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