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Get the Right Mindset to Win in Blackjack

One very necessary ingredient to win in blackjack is to have the right mindset. A player should never lose this key aesthetic make up to see things more clearly. Mistakes can be easily avoided by having the right mindset and we get a better chance to win.

We'll deal with three basic tenets of having a clear mindset. The common denominator among these would be bridling your emotions to win the game.

Let's begin with a very practical piece of advice when getting the right mindset and that is to stay disciplined. People usually are impatient. The mindset we have now today is conditioned towards getting things instantly. We're so accustomed to instant this and instant that that when we think we want to win at something we can get it instantly.

That doesn't really work in real life especially when competition is present. The right mindset is to have patience. Short-term victories will seem insignificant if we take a panoramic view of the whole game. What really matters is the long-term mindset, and that includes card counting to win in blackjack.

The hard part is that card counting is most effective in the long run. The right mindset that works with card counting is that of patience and discipline.

When players lose one common reaction is to get frustrated. They lose the right mindset. Discipline starts breaking down and before they know it they're on a rampage to regain losses. More often than not this would lead to more loss since sound judgement is clouded by strong emotion. Not a good mindset to be in if we really want to win in blackjack.

One great point is that with an adequate bankroll, a player who takes a long term view has a better chance to win than one who does not.

Next piece of the puzzle is fear. Some players make the mistake of not taking another card to better the chances for winning even though it is right to take one. The fear of going bust stops them from taking a better position. They may know how to play it right but their mindset is clouded with the fear they may not play it perfectly.

Is there such a thing as a perfect play on a game laced with a random element? Let's say we get a 16, do we hit or not? Remember that a dealer is set to stand on at least 17. The player with the right mindset will hit, and take a chance of going bust if he has a 16. Given this situation would you rather lose by doing nothing or to take a chance at winning regardless of the risk of losing?

Lastly we'll deal with the "increase bets after a loss and reduce after a win" blackjack mindset. Other players may do the reverse but it still doesn't fit in given the right mindset.

The right mindset deals with reality. In reality to win blackjack our bets should increase only when the cards are right. If we have the right mindset we will play individual hands according to their odds.

To sum it all up, the right mindset sets aside emotions in a game. Money is a big trigger on our emotions, but having the right mindset helps to set all that aside. We'll deal with the game one hand at a time and win in the long run.


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