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The History of Blackjack

The history of blackjack can be traced back in the 18th century. The French card game "Ving-et-un" laid the groundwork for modern blackjack.

During the 1800s, America was opposed to gambling. It was an underground movement. However, everything changed in the 1900s when the state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931. Atlantic City followed suit in 1981.

In 1956, Roger Baldwin issued a publication entitled "The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack" which led to the merging of man and mathematics in the field of gambling. This paved the way for the modern belief that blackjack is a beatable game.

Next, Edward O. Thorp released a book in 1962 entitled "Beat the Dealer." It became an instant success and was considered as the Bible of blackjack players.

The rousing success of Thorp's book paved the way for endless opportunities and many envisioned casinos as a means of making money. It was Lawrence Revere who believed that it was indeed possible to make money through casinos. He elevated blackjack to new heights when he released his book " Playing Blackjack as a Business."

The wheels kept turning and turning and during the 1970s, new innovations were launched. During this time, computers entered the picture. Blackjack players made use of computers to develop and test simulations in order to discover the ultimate winning strategy. These attempts began to worry casinos.

It was the responsibility of a few people to try and develop a new system while risking real money. Another group of people were in charge of testing and perfecting these systems. Soon, the people were now clamoring for a taste of blackjack experience.

Later on, casino owners realized the vulnerability of single deck blackjack. In order to remedy the situation, the operators of the casino introduced the "shoe," which consisted of multiple decks of cards. With the addition of multiple decks, the odds of the game changes. Likewise, this gives them protection from gamblers who would attempt to count cards.

Ken Uston was credited for being the first man to have made an income beating blackjack. Many people considered him as a legend. His skill was so great that seven casinos in Las Vegas permanently barred him from playing.

Uston realized that he might have a legal battle so he filed charges. The final verdict was handed down in 1987. Ken Uston's body was discovered in Paris. Until now, nobody knows the real reason for his death.

At present, there is a proliferation of books and software about blackjack. Every year many people log on to online casinos or visit land-based gambling dens hoping to become a winner in blackjack. To this day, it is still regarded as a beatable game.


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